VMware is working with Dell Technologies

VMware is working with Dell Technologies


Cloud and virtualization software company VMware is working with Dell Technology to locate and track Dell’s recycled packaging items that use the blockchain. Gluckman, the idol of VMware, the engineering leader for VMware’s blockchain, gave some information about the project during an interview recently.

Gluckman said that VMware is offering its blockchain solution to track and follow recycled plastics. In addition, the end-user who purchased the Dell laptop can see the history of the reused material to see what kind of plastic it was and where it was remade.

VMware’s blockchain supports each of these transactions between the recycler, aggregator and manufacturer. In addition, Gluckman stated that the use of blockchain is to demonstrate the authenticity of reused material.

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Southeast Asia represents 60% of the total ocean plastic. Most laptop and computer peripheral manufacturers, including Dell, have solid supply chains in Southeast Asia. The organization is using this to its potential advantage by incorporating reused items into its supply chain network.

Gluckman further noted that, moreover, Dell is seeing human trafficking at its lowest level. It is using the blockchain to check if the people taking this plastic are being paid and they have no problem doing free work.

The organization started incorporating plastics derived from recycled e-waste and from 2014 reused it as new parts. The idea is to create a circular economy, to keep plastic away from entering the ocean. The firm hopes that 3,000,000 pounds of plastic will be prevented from entering the ocean over the next five years.

The central point of Dell’s blockchain application for sustainability is to be used for its own supply chain network. In addition, there is another firm, Plastic Bank, which is using blockchain and tokenization to enter the seas in Southeast Asian countries and reduce plastics from poverty.

The majority of VMware is owned by Dell and has its own enterprise blockchain technology platform called VMware Blockchain. It has a prominent relationship with digital assets, and Dell’s smart contracting language has been combined with the blockchain of VMware.

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